IGAPAS programme - Intervention and Management in Adapted Physical Activity and Health


Course administrator : David OLIVIERI / 04 72 44 82 01

M1 course tutor : Damien ISSANCHOU / 06 81 26 07 22

M2 course tutor : Claire PERRIN / 06 33 30 09 14

Course description

The aim of the IGAPA-S programme is the immediate professional insertion of graduates by training managers capable of designing and implementing innovative APA schemes meeting the needs of target groups and contributing to the project of the organisations employing them.

At the end of the IGAPAS programme of the Master in APA-S, graduates have acquired three areas of skills as presented in the RNCP file for the Master in Adapted Physical Activity and Health:

- scientific skills
- skills in the design and management of APA schemes for fragile, disabled and/or vulnerable people,
- professions skills in designing and formalising sessions to teach APA, enabling the transfer of skills to professionals in the sports and physical activity sector in the context of training.

The multidisciplinary scientific basis (physiology, neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology and sociology) supported by the work of the laboratories (L-ViS-EA 7428 and LIBM-EA 7424) enables graduates to assess in detail the fragility and vulnerability of target groups and the resources of stakeholders and organisations, and therefore to develop projects in line with needs, resources and expectations.


Balance of core and specific teaching units: in Master 1, eight teaching units (45 ECTS, i.e. 75% of the total credits) are specific to the IGAPA-S programme, and five teaching units (15 ECTS, i.e. 25% of the total credits) are shared with the other Sports Science programmes (Knowledge of Activity Sectors and Professional Insertion, Human Resources Management, Statistics, English and Communications).

Work placement: a work placement is mandatory for the M1 IGAPA-S course In the second semester, a part-time work-study placement (one week of classes per month) for a minimum of 250 hours in work (from February to May).

M1/M2 coordination within the IGAPA-S programme: the teaching aims are distinctly separate and form a progression between the two years of the course. Thus, in the first year, the aim is reinforce the APA teaching skills acquired on the undergraduate Sports Science (STAPS) programme specialising in APA-S, by bringing them even further in line with the needs of target groups and also by developing students’ skills to analyse schemes themselves and their relationship to the organisations and authorities running them. New scientific insight in connection with the research themes developed by the research teams, coupled with a course on research methodology, resulting in the production of a dissertation, enabling students to develop their professional APA-S skills as well as their analytical, evaluation and proposal skills. The second year focuses on the creation of APA-S services and enterprises.


Shared course: one teaching unit (‘APA and Vulnerability: Sociological Approach’ 3 ECTS) is common to both the IGAPA-S and MPSI programmes.

Shared course with the EOPS and MOS master’s courses at Lyon 1: all teaching units specific to the MPSI programme are shared with these same APA-S and MOS programmes, i.e. 45 ECTS worth 75% of the total credits.

Further study and career opportunities  

Career opportunities are to be found in the healthcare, social and socio-medical sectors, in public bodies, private firms and private non-profit organisations. Professionals representing all of these sectors contribute to both years of the master’s programme, both as teachers and in course meetings.

- The volume of the work placement and support work carried out throughout the course enable students to forge solid links in the professional sectors.

- The IGAPAS programme may lead to a PhD and thus enable students to access a career in research.

Specific characteristics and admission requirements  


Admission to the Master’s programme is decided by a specific teaching board composed of the course’s teaching staff, at the end of an application process (spring of the academic year prior to admission).


Validation of the first year of a Master in APA-S and the ability to present a professional project clearly, both orally and in writing, with a defined work placement location.

Enrolment procedure  

The application and enrolment procedure is available directly on the website of UFR STAPS Lyon 1, by clicking here.


For more information on Assessment, click here


In order to validate the M1 IGAPA-S, students must obtain:
- an overall average grade of 10/20 each semester (no compensation between semesters).
- an overall average of 10/20 on the work placement teaching unit in a professional or research environment.
- a minimum average of 8/20 for each teaching unit.


Validation of the M2 requires the validation of both semesters.
Validation of a semester requires the validation of the teaching units composing it, with a possible compensation of marks between teaching units, provided a minimum of 8/20 is achieved in each teaching unit.
No compensation may take place for the ‘Project Management’ (SPT2086M) and ‘Professional Experience in APA-S’ (SPT2093M) teaching units.