Overview of courses

UFR STAPS offers various courses from DEUST to Master, as well as University Diplomas and preparatory classes for French professional examinations.


UFR STAPS offers two Scientific and Technical University Diplomas (DEUST): the DEUST AGAPSC (Leading and Managing Physical and Sporting or Cultural Activities) with 3 different programmes of study, and the DEUST in Fitness Professions. DEUSTs are equivalent to 2 years of higher education (Bac + 2).

  Bachelor’s Degree (Licence)

The bachelor’s degree in Sports Science (STAPS) is composed of a core curriculum (L1 and L2) then gradual specialisation in L3 on one of the 4 programmes proposed. Bachelor’s degrees are equivalent to 3 years of higher education (Bac + 3).

  Professional Bachelor’s Degree (Licence Professionnelle)


UFR STAPS offers 3 professional bachelor’s degrees, and/or via distance learning. Students can enrol on a professional bachelor’s degree course after 2 years in higher education (Bac + 2).


Several Masters exist, with various programmes of study focusing on professional insertion or research. Masters are equivalent to 5 years of higher education (Bac + 5).

  University Diplomas

A University Diploma (D.U.) is a qualification specific to the university, contrary to a Bachelor’s degree (Licence) or Master, which are national qualifications. 3 University Diplomas as available at UFR STAPS in Lyon.

  Preparatory Classes

Classes to prepare for French professional examinations are available (for the agrégation, for example).