Since 1983, the Centre for Research and Innovation in Sport (CRIS) has dedicated its work to sports science, with a recurring theoretical and epistemological emphasis on multidisciplinarity.

The work carried out by the CRIS focuses on four main themes:
• history of physical activities
• rationalisation of sports organisations
• health and physical activities
• learning and performance.

In January 2016, the CRIS evolved to form two research laboratories:
Interuniversity Biology and Motricity Laboratory (LIBM)
Laboratory on Vulnerability and Innovation in Sport (L-Vis)

The Interuniversity Biology and Motricity Laboratory (LIBM)

is a research group (EA 7424) under joint supervision by the universities of Lyon 1, Jean Monnet and Savoie Mont Blanc.

It covers 5 cross-disciplinary themes with the common aim of understanding and modelling the effects of physical exercise on organic functions:

Theme 1 ‘Vascular biology and red blood cells

Theme 2 ‘Muscular deconditioning and reconditioning

Theme 3 ‘Mental processes and sensory-motor control’

Theme 4 ‘Human/environment and human/equipment interfaces

Theme 5 ‘Locomotor system: Performance, Injury and Prevention’’


The Laboratory for Vulnerability and Innovation in Sport (L-Vis)

is a research group affiliated to UFR STAPS (faculty of sports science) of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

is composed of 25 researchers united by a common project: to develop interdisciplinary research on sport in the Social and Human Sciences (SHS).

In order to bring this project alive, the L-VIS researchers draw on several scientific disciplines, either in combination or in succession: sociology, law, marketing, management science, history and psychology.
Two principal themes are explored through this multidisciplinary approach: vulnerability and innovation in connection with Physical and Sporting Activities.

2 research themes:
Innovation: The work carried out on this theme consists in considering innovation in sport as being driven by extended networks and shaped by a multitude of stakeholders, including ordinary innovators in particular.

Vulnerability: The work carried out on this theme consists in exploring the role of physical exercise and sport in making people stronger, or on the contrary reducing vulnerability and health problems.