The Faculty of Sports Science, known as ‘UFR STAPS’ is one of the components of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL).
It provides scientific, technical and professional courses and contributes to the production and transmission of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of Sports Science.

The very nature of physical and sporting activities requires a multidisciplinary approach to their teaching and research.

Hence, the teaching of Sports Science, or ‘STAPS’ (Science and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities), draws on fundamental sciences(biomechanics, functional anatomy, neuroscience, psychology, didactics, tribology, history, economics, physiology, sociology, etc.) and on physical and sporting activities (athletics, swimming, gymnastics, team sports, outdoor activities, etc.).
The aim of teaching and research in Sports Science at Lyon is to develop an interdisciplinary approach enabling specialists from different fields to work closely together on the same projects

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UFR STAPS in figures

More than 2,850 students enrolled in 2018-2019.

The staff of UFR STAPS is composed of:

- 27 administrative staff
- 41 teaching and research staff
- 45 teaching staff certified to teach PE
- 6 associate professors
- 5 contractual teachers


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