Master in MEEF - Teaching, Education and Training Professions


Course administrator : Annick SELBONNE / 04 72 43 15 45 

M1 course tutor : Sylvie GUY / 04 72 44 79 06

M2 course tutor : Pierre LORCA / 04 72 44 79 06
Field: Master’s degree to prepare for a career in Teaching, Education and Training
Degree: Master
Title: : Teaching, education and training professions - Secondary level
Programme: Preparation for the CAPEPS examination (physical and sport education)

Course description:

The MEEF-EPS specialisation is primarily aimed at students wishing to obtain a physical education teaching qualification in France and abroad and prepare for the CAPEPS examination, or even to pursue their studies and prepare for the EPS external agrégation exam or for a PhD in Sports Science (STAPS).

In terms of Continuing Education, it is also aimed at people wishing to develop their skills to analyse, evaluate and provide guidance in the physical education teaching processes, like those held by departmental teaching tutors and advisors and regional teaching inspectors.

Lastly, it is also likely to be of interest to teachers with extensive experience opting for a career in physical education teacher training, and wishing to obtain skills in Initial and Continuing Professional Training.
This Master specialisation is organised in four semesters of teaching (except in the context of Validation of Professional Experience) and includes one or more long work placements in a professional context. Courses are structured to ensure a balance between theory and practice.

Teamwork is a constant feature of how the course is organised. Contributions by a number of professionals (50% of teaching staff) is a guarantee and proof of links between the professional sphere and the university.

Total hours per student in Master 1 and in Master 2: semesters of between 250 and 300 hours.

Professional work placements form the core basis of the course and are particularly important. They give rise to a dissertation, to be presented before a panel.

Further study and career opportunities:


Validation of the M1 provides direct access to M2 MEEF, in programme A if the student has passed the CAPEPS and in programme B if the student is preparing to take the exam.

It provides access to the other MEEF and ESPE programmes on an application basis and under certain conditions:

• Educational management
• Training Practices and Design: Master 2 Careers in Education in Health in Schools - Master 2 Careers in Teaching and Training Adults - Careers in Teaching Groups with Special Needs


The second year of the Master provides access to the agrégation examination in physical and sport education (EPS).

Graduates of the Master may become:

• Physical education secondary-level teachers in France (after passing the CAPEPS exam) and abroad
• Head of training and of educational and social organisations

Specific characteristics and admission requirements:

The Master in MEEF is a natural choice for students having already obtained an undergraduate degree (Licence) in Sports Science (STAPS) specialising in Education and Motricity (EM).

• Diverse skills in Physical and Sporting Activity practices and technology.
• Learning skills in several Physical and Sporting Activities
• Experience of teaching Physical Activities and Sports in an educational context.
• Teaching skills and knowledge of the biological and human sciences acquired on the Sports Science (STAPS) programme

Enrolment procedure:

The application and enrolment procedure is available directly on the website of UFR STAPS Lyon 1, by clicking here.

Assessment :


The Master 1 is awarded based on the validation of each semester or by compensation between semesters. It is subject to continuous assessment.

Semester 1:

• Emphasis on written assessments given the requirements of the exam and written assessments probably in March or April. These assessments will be individual and under exam-type conditions where they directly concern the CAPEPS or CAFEP-EPS exams (UE 1 and UE 2);
• Assessment may be in groups in the case of UE 3 and 4, in which students may have to compile information on the various Physical, Sporting and Artistic Activities, in order to get students used to working in a team, which is an essential aspect of their chosen profession.

Semester 2:

• UE 3, UE 4 and UE 5; oral and written assessments, given the specific nature of the physical and oral tests forming part of the exam. Oral assessments may be in groups where the assessment concerns teaching units in connection with the location of the work placement and where students are hosted by the same establishments.
• UE 1 and UE 2: individual written assessments under exam conditions to complete students’ preparation for the written parts of the exam which will take place in semester 2.
• UE 6 and UE 7: written assessments in the form of digital documents for UE 6, oral assessment based on a work placement report for UE 7.


The M2 is obtained by the validation of each semester (no compensation of marks between semesters). It is subject to continuous assessment. Validation of the work placement is compulsory.

Semester 3:

• UE 1, UE 2, UE 3: written and oral tests, practical teaching tests
• UE 4, UE 5: written and oral tests

Semester 4:

• Oral tests primarily, including presentation of the research dissertation based on a written document drafted in the required format

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