PPMR programme - Athlete Training: Physical and Mental Aspects and Return to Sport


Course administrator : Corinne BULU / 04 72 44 81 59

M1 Course tutor : Cyril MARTIN / 04 72 43 16 25

M2 Course tutor : Christophe HAUTIER / 04 72 43 16 25
Field: Master’s degree in the field of Sports Science (STAPS)
Degree: Master
Title: : STAPS: training and optimisation of sporting performance
Programme: Athlete training: physical and mental aspects and return to sport

Course description:

The aim of the PPMR programme is to ensure students’ immediate professional insertion. The specific characteristic of this course is to propose training in 3 complementary areas of expertise: physical training, mental preparation and return to sport. This corresponds to the realities of the profession. Indeed, most structures cannot afford a specialist in each field and need efficient professionals able to manage the various aspects of training.
At the end of the Master in EOPS, graduates have acquired scientific, professional and sporting skills, as presented in the RNCP file for the Master in Training and Optimisation of Sporting Performance accessible on the C3D STAPS website.

These three skills areas enable graduates to design, manage and assess training, physical and mental development and return-to-sport programmes. In particular, graduates:
- will master the use of tools for assessing several types of participants (athletes, competitors, amateurs, those returning to sport after an injury) to draw up personal physical and/or mental assessments;
- will be able to design programmes to develop and maintain physical and mental abilities as well as return-to-sport programmes;
- will be able to plan the content of and lead sessions, and adapt programmes to participants’ needs and to the sports and activities concerned;
- will master the technical, tactical and strategic aspects of the activity, for which they will develop a training, performance optimisation and return-to-sport programme.


The first year of the Master’s in EOPS aims to ensure the acquisition of the scientific, methodological and technical skills necessary to analyse, assess and develop physical and mental qualities. It is organised over 2 semesters. Each semester covers 8 teaching units (UE). Each teaching unit is worth a number of European credits (ECTS). The teaching units for each semester total 30 credits.
The course is taught in the form of lectures (CM), tutorials (TD) and practical classes (TP).
For the Master in EOPS, 5 teaching units (15 ECTS, i.e. 25% of the total credits) are compulsory in the first year (English - Communication - Statistics - Human Resources Management - Knowledge of the Sectors of Activity and Professional Integration).
Work placement: A professional work placement is compulsory. The work placement is assessed on the basis of at least 120 hours of on-the-ground presence throughout the year, spread over the entire academic year (between 6 and 10 months).
In the second semester, students are required to occupy a position of responsibility for at least 4 hours per week.


Core courses:
In the 2nd year of the master’s degree, two teaching units (‘BIOLOGICAL approach to fatigue and the prevention of overtraining’ and ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL approach to fatigue and the prevention of overtraining’, i.e. 6 ECTS) are common to both programmes.
Courses shares with the APA-S and MOS master’s degrees at Lyon 1:
Three teaching units (9 ECTS, i.e. 15% of total credits) are also shared in the 2nd year (English, Applied Research Methodology and Statistics).
In the 2nd year, all teaching units specific to the MPSI programmes are shared with this same APA-S and MOS master’s programme, i.e. 45 ECTS worth 75% of the total credits.
PPMR programme – M1/M2 coordination:

In the 2nd year, the aim is to deepen students’ command of these core scientific and methodological skills and encourage specialisation in one of the 3 target fields: physical training, mental preparation or return to sport.

Further study and career opportunities:

The 3 professional insertion surveys carried out with 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 graduates show that 59 out of 71 graduates in the Master in Sports Science (STAPS) specialising in PPMR responding to the survey were in employment one year after obtaining their degree.

This high rate of employment, equal to 83.1%, indicates a very satisfactory professional insertion rate.

According to the job titles indicated in these surveys, 70% of jobs are in the sector of sport performance and concern the following professions: physical trainer, mental trainer, personal sports coach, manager and sports instructor.

Specific characteristics and admission requirements:


Due to capacity requirements, access to the 1st year of the Master in EOPS is by application only, for graduates holding a French undergraduate degree (Licence) in Sports Science (STAPS) specialising in ‘Sport Training’. Essential requirements for entry into the 1st year of the course for graduates holding an undergraduate degree in another subject are proven skills in the field of sport training.
For candidates residing in another country with a Centre for Studies in France (CEF), applications for admission to the 1st year of the master’s degree must be submitted exclusively via the Campus France website. For candidates from other countries, an application form will be sent in response to a request submitted to UFR STAPS de Lyon.
All candidates are recommended to have acquired the skills listed in the RNCP file for the ‘Undergraduate degree in Sports Science (STAPS) specialising in Sport Training’.


Students must have validated the first year of the Master’s in EOPS and/or another Master’s degree in Sports Science, plus have experience and demonstrate long-term, proven commitment in the field of sport performance and training.
Skills in the supporting sciences (physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, neuroscience and sports psychology) and in the development of physical (strength, speed, endurance and flexibility) and psychological abilities

Enrolment procedure:

The application and enrolment procedure is available directly on the website of UFR STAPS Lyon 1, by clicking here



To validate the 1st year of the Master’s in EOPS PPMR, students must have:
- passed each of the two semesters (S1 and S2) with an average grade; compensation may take place between teaching units within each semester provided a minimum grade of 8/20 is achieved.
- obtained a grade of at least 10/20 in the ‘Methodology of intervention in a professional context’ teaching unit.


Validation of two semesters and the teaching units composing them (minimal grade of 8/20 for each teaching unit).
Validation of the ‘Professional Experience in PPMR - 2’ teaching unit

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