EGAL-APS programme - Equality in and through Physical and Sporting Activities



Course administrator: : Emma ROBAT / 04 72 43 27 34

M1 course tutor : Cécile OTTOGALLI / 06 85 90 78 13

M2 course tutor : Aurélie ÉPRON 

Read an article on the website of the L'Étudiant magazine on gender studies at the University.

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Are you interested in questions concerning equality in sport?

Are you an instructor, manager or other professional in the sport sector seeking a deeper level of training in this area?

Admissions for this Master in Gender Studies on the EGAL’APS programme (Equality in and through Physical and Sporting Activities) here:!accueilView

Submission of applications:
1st session between 20 April and 15 May 2020
Selection board: 18 June 2020
2nd session between 13 July and 28 August 2020
Selection board: 1 September 2020

Field: Master’s degree in the field of Sports Science (STAPS)
Degree: Master
Title: Gender Studies
Programme: Equality in and through physical and sporting activities

Course description:

The aim of all programmes in this degree is to facilitate professional insertion in the gender and equality professions, including professions in connection with research. For the EGAL’APS course, this means training experts able to set up policies to combat inequality and discrimination between the sexes and/or sexualities in the various sporting professions. The EGAL’APS course also opens the door to further study in the form of a PhD combining Sports Science and Gender Studies in connection with the laboratory L-Vis, one field of research of which is gender issues.

Gender Studies is divided into 7 master’s programmes: EGAL’APS, EGALES, EGALITES, EGALITES FC, SEGO, GLC and MATILDA (

Some classes are common to all programmes (with classes either at the Lyon2 Bron campus or at the Lyon1 Doua campus). These include classes in the following teaching units: Gender and Equality Theories and Concepts (12 ECTS), Introduction (general concepts and critical reading) and Extended Learning (general concepts and controversies); and Panorama of transdisciplinary and qualitative methods (6 ECTS).
The other classes are specific to each master’s programme.

For Egal’APS, the course takes place over two semesters. Please find below the breakdown of teaching units composing the master’s programme. Certain courses are accompanied by an e-learning tool. A work placement in the professional context is organised over part of the second semester.

Semester 1:
UE Gender, equality and critical reading theories and concepts
UE Equality, Gender and Organisation of Sport -1
UE Equality, Body, Health and Sport
UE Equality, Gender and Physical and Sporting Activities
UE Analytical methods and tools
EC Overview of interdisciplinary tools
EC Qualitative analysis methods (obs-interview-research doc)
EC Quantitative analysis methods (statistics and questionnaires)
UE English for professional communication level 1B*
UE Knowledge of the sectors of activity-Seminars

Semester 2:
UE Gender, equality and controversy theories and concepts
UE Equality: Male and female participants and vulnerability
UE Teaching of Physical and Sporting Activities and discrimination
UE Teaching of Physical and Sporting Activities and remediation
UE Communication, marketing and equality
UE Work placement- Professional Experience or research on equality - 1
CLASS Research methodology in gender studies
CLASS Preparation for professional insertion - 1

Skills acquired on this course:

Define, explain and contextualise the main concepts used in gender studies (gender and gender relations) to understand the mechanisms at work in the construction of ‘the’ difference between the sexes.

Analyse contemporary equality policies with regard to the various notions addressed (sex and gender) in the teaching units covered by the course.
Produce written arguments on a subject in the various scientific fields covered in the semester.

Further study and career opportunities:

In the current political and economic context, professional opportunities in the field of gender studies and equality are on the increase. This phenomenon has taken two forms: the emergence of new professions and specialisation in the existing professions. The different master’s programmes take into account the growth and specialisation of careers in this new sector. The following list only concerns career opportunities in the field of sport.
Careers in connection with sport and physical activities

- Project manager for the implementation of ‘diversity plans’ for sporting practices within sports federations
- Trainer in equality issues in local and regional authorities or in the education system
- Research analyst for an association with expertise in the field of gender

Specialisation of existing professions:
Example: University lecturer qualified in the field of gender.

Specific characteristics and admission requirements:

Undergraduate degree (not necessarily in Sports Science)

Enrolment procedure:

The application and enrolment procedure is available directly on the website of UFR STAPS Lyon 1, by clicking here.


Validation of the year with an average grade ≥10/20 for the semesters. Semesters may compensate each other, subject to a minimum grade of 9/20 for each semester.

Two teaching units have minimum grades. See Course Assessment.
Teaching units may compensate each other within each semester.