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BDE STAPS: what is it?

BDE UFRAPS is the student association for Sports Science (STAPS) students in Lyon.

Its aim is to bring together students at UFR STAPS de Lyon in order to defend and promote their individual and collective interests.

The action taken by this association falls into 3 well-defined areas:

- Liven up student life by proposing sporting, entertainment and charity events in connection with the sport sector.

- Provide various student services such as the creation of a range of sports clothes specific to the Sports Science faculty, everyday services available on its premises (heat up your meal, print and bind your files or relax with friends) and special offers proposed by BDE’s partners (cheap professional match tickets, or 50% off meal deals).

- Encourage students’ success by providing past exam papers, defending students’ rights on the Board and providing information on the university ecosystem and on your course.

Students can join the association for 5 euros at the start of the year if they wish to access BDE UFRAPS’s services and events.

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BDE STAPS: members

DYNASTAPS: what is it?

Dynastaps is an association whose aim is to encourage participation in sport by supporting and organising sports projects, in order to help members within UFRAPS de Lyon discover, learn and progress in various sports.

Members’ interests and projects can result in: outdoor climbing sessions, road and mountain bike rides, badminton practice sessions, via ferrata outings, diving classes, mountaineering courses, caving expeditions, etc.

Dynastaps helps to organise (provision of equipment, search for funding etc.) and can help fulfil the various projects and wishes of its members!

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Useful links

  • The Student Life Office (BVE) offers information for all students. You will find answers to any questions you may have, support and help in all areas concerning your life at the University (not related to your studies) and all your social, cultural, sporting and voluntary activities.
  • Are you looking for information about grants and financial assistance for housing and meals? The CROUS website can help you.
  • The Visale guarantee (formerly ‘Clé du Crous’) applies to all students, those on work-study programmes and young people under the age of 30, with the aim of helping them to rent accommodation. It is worth knowing that this guarantee may be combined with funding provided by the CAF (family allowance body) and other schemes to help limit day-to-day living expenses (water, gas, internet and telecommunications). Visale is free for all and acts as a rent guarantor for young people, provided the rent is capped at €1,500 in Paris and €1,300 in the rest of the country, including mainland France and the Overseas Dominions. As soon as the rental agreement is signed, steps can be taken to equip the accommodation (electricity contract, search for the best internet and telephone operators, etc.) to avoid any service interruptions or other inconveniences
  • The platform enables high school pupils, students and doctoral students, at no cost, to find financial assistance for their academic studies.
  • Access the Lyon 1 student portal to learn the news, upcoming dates and offers concerning students. You will also find practical tools and information.
  • The University Library takes an active part in spreading scientific and technical information through exhibitions, conferences and debates. It also enables you to search for the documents you need.
  •  ANESTAPS is the national association for sports science students. The primary role of ANESTAPS is to defend the interests of students in sports science (STAPS) and promote the field of study.
  • DYNASTAPS is an association whose aim is to encourage participation in sport by supporting and organising sports projects, in order to help members discover, learn and progress in various sports.