The DEUST (Scientific and Technical University Diploma) is a two-year vocational course. UFR STAPS proposes two DEUST courses.


The objective of the DEUST in ‘Fitness Professions’ is to train TECHNICAL FITNESS STAFF/OPERATING ASSISTANTS - Immediately operational, able to teach and supervise physical activities and participate in the operation of a fitness centre.

Le DEUST AGAPSC - The Activity Leadership and Management of Physical, Sporting and Cultural Activities

ADECS programme

The Sports Club Development Agent (ADECS) programme trains students to be able to run sessions in one or more sports and carry out all or some of the management and development activities of the structure employing them.


Activity Leadership programme

The Activity Leadership programme trains students to lead activities in the field of sporting and cultural activities, and perform management roles in structures organising such activities.


APN programme


The Outdoor Activities (APN) programme trains students to run outdoor sports activities, develop an outdoor activity structure and organise sporting events.



Aquatic Activities programme (NEW)

The Aquatic Activities programme trains students to be able to ensure and organise the safety of people and spaces, design cycles of sessions in swimming and water fitness activities, run activity projects and take part in the functioning and development of a public or private structure.