Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

As part of the Bachelor - Master - Doctor process, UFR STAPS offers a three-year bachelor’s degree (licence: L1, L2 and L3) followed by a two-year master’s degree (M1 and M2), which may be completed by a doctoral degree.

During the first two years, students specialise in a particular sport. Only certain sports are available at UCB Lyon 1, the details of which (list and required level) can be found in the document entitled Presentation of sport specialisations.

Bachelor’s degree year 1

The objective of the first year is to provide students with the skills to analyse their activity through various scientific insights applied to different physical practices.

It also aims to enhance their general culture through the study of various communication tools. It enables them to enhance their physical performance and to diversify and discover new activities.


Bachelor’s degree year 2

The objective of the second year of the course is more in-depth consideration and analysis of physical exercise through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

It includes in particular a work placement in a professional context, which begins to orient the student in terms of their future career and which, while not prohibitive, constitutes an essential aspect of the student’s training.


Bachelor’s degree year 3

4 options are available in the third year: Education and Motricity, Sport Management, Sport Training and Adapted Physical Activity and Health.

Specialisation in year 3 of the bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

5 different Masters and one or more possible programmes for each.

Further study at Master level